A downloadable game for Windows

The 2015 WMAI (Women's Martial Arts International) World Championship is upon us!

And you, a last-minute replacement for an entrant who suffered a high-heel related ankle injury, are considered a 5000-1 outsider with minimal chance of getting past round one. But stranger things have happened...


  • At least 10 opponents!
  • Accurate-to-reality martial arts clothing!
  • Inaccurate-to-reality martial arts fighting!
  • All women!
  • Two playable Janices!

Now get out there and defy the odds! Make that trophy, that title, and the £50,000 prize yours!

Install instructions

Unzip the folder to a place of your choosing, adjust the settings via the "setup.exe" file to your liking, double-click on "ladyfighterv2.exe", and enjoy!


DressedForAFightOut.zip 238 MB